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November - Tom

Pillar of fire from a village bonfire
I love a good bonfire. There is something amazingly primal about standing near a pillar of fire and feeling it warming your face while the cold wind whistles around. The village bonfire in my parents' village is great - a decent size, but not too big to lose that intimate feel.

Fire is also an interesting photographic challenge and every year I take a lot of pictures. This shot was taken with my SLR, with settings chosen by me and some semblance of applied skill. I am quite relieved I picked this one - when I went through all the pictures and chose my favourite an alarming number were taken with the automagic powers of my phone...

We've been doing Year in Pictures since 2015 and almost every year I've put up a bonfire picture with the same title. After the village bonfire was cancelled in 2020 thanks to COVID it is great to be back there.

From Flickr.
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