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November - Tim Blair

A garden covered in snow, bathed in a soft, pinkish light from an early-morning dusky sky
Over the weekend, on the coldest night of the year, our boiler broke down. Yay. Great timing. During the day, we set up various oil radiators to try and keep the house warm, put on all our clothes, called an engineer who said he'd get the required part and come over on the following day to fix things ... and then went to the pub for dinner.

We opened our front door to a scream of excitement from our small person. SNOW! Yes, snow, lots of it, settling. Unsurprisingly it took much longer to walk to the pub than planned. When we got home, there was naturally a brutal snowball fight, followed by much snuggling under blankets.

In the morning, there was a fantastic soft, pink light coming from outside, and we were greeted by an awesome firey sky. I stood there in my freezing house, wearing all my clothes, looking out over the garden, and felt grateful for what I had.
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