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Year of the Dragon

Part of your 5 a day! It all looks so real but is it?!!!

May - Sue

Showing an amazing display of fruit and vegetables beautifully arranged in a decorative barrow set in the cafe courtyard area of The National Botanic Gardens of Wales. The display was so realistic it was truly amazing. All made from fabric which had been cut, dyed or coloured , stuffed then sewn, so realistic! Fantastic! such talent! There was a plethora of various displays throughout the gardens which made for an extraordinary day out!
The National Botanic Gardens of Wales held a sewing exhibition on a grand scale, scattered throughout the gardens and this barrow was part of it. There was a display of packets of seeds too (all embroidered), a vine, a tripod of cherry tomatoes, a plethora of quilts displaying different fungi and floral panels, wall hangings etc. Everything was dyed, coloured, sewn and stuffed to look like the real thing. Just incredible and what a superb display, I just could not believe my eyes! A very talented group of people!!! All made for an extraordinary day out.
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