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Bidwells Oxford 10K for muscular dystrophy

May - Matt Hobbs

a picture of my wife and son standing at the start of the kids 3K surrounded by hundreds of people!
This is my wife, and eldest son at the start of the kid's 3K in Oxford. It was a stunning day, as you can probably tell!

It was so hot in fact, that the organisers ran out of water along the 10k course. Apparently, my wife only spotted a single water station along the whole run and due to the demand, they were limiting the amount of water each person could have.

Other than the actual running part, it seemed very well-organised! It finished at the massive university park in central Oxford. Even though I'm not a runner myself, I do really like the running community and the events they host!

Whilst they were doing this, my youngest and I had a (very healthy) sausage sandwich followed by an ice cream!
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