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Ver Sur Mer, Normandy

April - Gill

Ver Sur Mer, Normandy
In the distance, the Channel and if you zoom in you can just make out some of the remaining Mulberry Harbour which was made for the D-day landings 80 years ago, an amazing feat of engineering and logistics in itself! We are incredibly proud to have been a part of this 2 week long installation, helping to put up 1475 soldier silhouettes and 50 French Resistance figures, at the Normandy British Memorial, the number representing how many British soldiers lost their lives on the first day of D-day alone. An exhausting, emotional and fun week for us volunteering along with many others with the charity, Standing With Giants. You may have seen the BBC national news coverage and I’m sure there will be more as we get closer to the actual 80th Anniversary on 6th June. The finished installation, (this photo was taken just at the beginning stages) is spectacular and gives a real visual sense of how many people gave their lives for what we all have today, our freedom.
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