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Year of the Dragon


January - Tim Blair

A small chest freezer and a wine fridge placed on top of plastic boxes to keep the white goods out of two inches of flood water in a log cabin.
Our house backs onto a small nature reserve, which is really lovely! Except its also a flood plain, which occasionally is not-so-lovely. With all the rain earlier in the month, at one point the water came to about 15cm from our backdoor. Unfortunately that meant that it did get into our log cabin / ex-outdoor office / current storage place for many things, which meant we had to completely empty it, remove all the floor tiles so things could dry out, and raise the freezer and wine fridge that were in there out of the water. Turns out that enough water got into the freezer to render it not-so-freezing, so that ended up being taken to the recycling centre, and all of the content went in the bin.
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