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Year of the Rabbit

Cone construction

August - Tim Blair

A geometric 3D sculpture of an ice cream cone, made from wicker, masking tape, and crepe paper, viewed from the inside.
We love to take a family trip each August to the Towersey Festival: music, dancing, food, and much fun and laughter. One of the things that takes place each year is a lantern parade on the last evening of the festival, and all the lanterns are made by the festival attendees over the course of the event, using wicker, masking tape, crepe paper, PVA glue, and a few LED lights.

Every year we say "we'll do something simple," and every year we don't. This year we created a 99 ice cream, including the geometric cone, a proper swirled ice cream, and a suitably-textured flake. It took a loooong time, but we had some wonderful compliments about it!

Next year we really are planning on doing something simpler to make more time for ceilidhing. We'll see...
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