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Year of the Rabbit

Vehicular misadventure

July - Himal

A rolled car off the road, on its right side with trees behind
This is a rental car rolled onto its side. I was completely uninjured.

I had driven down inland from Melbourne to start a trip along the Great Ocean Road. 10 minutes away from my first destination, Port Campbell (Victoria, Australia). Heavy rain and the car swerved. I tried to correct but lost control of the car, brakes ineffective. Before I knew what was happening the car had slide off the road onto the opposite side of the road and then rolled onto its side. I had to climb vertically out of the passenger side window.

No passengers and no one else on the road. State emergency services, ambulance and police were incredible in their response, as were other drivers stopping to make sure I was okay.

I decided to continue the trip with taxis and buses after this. An adventure, just not the one I had planned.
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