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Walking with alpacas

March - Pete Fairhurst

Close-up of a 'crea' (juvenile  alpaca) looking up at the camera
For March, I took my wife for a suprise early Mother's Day treat; a visit to a working alpaca farm! We got to meet lots of different animals, including some very young juvenile alpacas - known as 'crea' - that we were able to hand-feed.

Our family loves animals, and we've always been intrigued by alpacas but never been able to get up close to any before. The ones we met were generally very relaxed, being used to human contact, but also quite vocal and inquisitive too. They also have distinct, individual personalities, which makes them fascinating to watch as they each behave differently and interact with you and each other in their own way.

We really enjoyed getting to spend time in amongst them and also being able to walk a couple of them around a few acres of paddock. If you like animals, it's definitely something you should make time to experience yourself.
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