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The Gurney Stove

February - Bonnie and Richard

The Gurney Stove
We visited Tewksbury this month. We were delighted to find two Gurney Stoves in the Abbey which are the only source of heat in the main part of the building. We’ve never seen a Gurney Stove in any Abbey or church. According to the information sign, these stoves were made by the London Warming and Ventilating Company in the 19th century. They used anthracite (burns cleaner and more efficient than regular coal) which was claimed to be a cheap source of heat. They are now gas fired. The photo doesn’t convey the size - quite large. Tewksbury is a bit tired. There are 376 listed buildings and little alleyways to explore as well as an interesting Riverside Walk and Battle Trail. Well worth a visit. Hope you are all keeping well.
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