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Fire cooking

May - Tom

Shakshuka being cooked on a barbecue with a plate of additional ingredients next to it
This month, I went to a great course on barbecue cooking with my Dad. We had a lot of fun building fires (and not being entirely successful), learning about different types of barbecue setups and butchering a chicken. Pictured is a shakshuka made from something like bacon (pig cheek I think? A very rich meaty thing) rendered down and a pile of other things added. This is something I've made at home several times before, but mine contains entirely different base ingredients (and a lot more spice). This version was delightful and colourful and looks very impressive on a multi-tier cooking fire.

Not pictured was the MurderFish incident, where a fresh Rainbow Trout was filleted (not by me) with the delicacy usually displayed by the Hulk when particularly angry. The result was a scene which should have come with a CSI unit.

From Flickr.
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