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Year of the Tiger

Ruin in the haze

May - Sue

Upon visiting a castle ruin in Wales i took this photo showing a bank of late bluebells at the top of a lovely old dry stone wall, with a view of the castle ruin looming through the heat haze looking faintly there. It was too hot to brave the steep climb to the castle, so a look from below had to suffice. Next stop an ice-cream parlour!
Took my youngest son to see this castle ruin in Wales and I was pleased to see these late bluebells on the way. It was a very hot day and the castle ruin was faintly there standing proud through the haze. Not a breath of air was to be had so we didn't brave the steep climb up to the castle. A bit too much for us all that day, but enjoyed the sight, and the café made a welcome break before our next stop - an ice cream parlour!
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