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April - Tim Blair

A muzzled camel and a small boy with long dark blonde hair looking at each other, with a desolate  volcanic vista in the background.
We decided that we needed to escape for a while, so jetted off to Lanzarote for part of the Easter holidays. We had a great time, including a short camel trek through the desolate-looking Timanfaya national park, which sits on top of active volcanoes, and the area essentially has nothing growing except for lichen attached to the 200 year-old lava fields.

The whole trip was not without its challenges though, mainly my wife being denied boarding at 5:30am due to passport issues. Thankfully she managed to get out to us a couple of days later, but telling our small person that mummy couldn't come on holiday with us at 5:30am while we repacked suitcases in the departure hall at Stansted, wasn't the most fun.

It would have been quite nice to have a holiday to recover from our holiday.
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