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Year of the Tiger

Space to swing some cats

March - Tim Blair

A muddy patch, with foundation trenches dug for a new extension, a mini-digger pulling up the mud and rubble, with a high wooden fence and green hedge in the background.
When we moved into our 2.5 bedroom / 1 bathroom house nearly a decade ago, there were two of us and two cats, with no plans on those numbers expanding. Since then, we've had our small person, and my Mum has moved in with her two cats, and both my wife and I are working from home more often than not. More space (and another toilet!) required...

We love our town, and the fact that our back gate opens straight into a small nature reserve, so we didn't want to move. Thankfully we had a garage (which has never had a car in it) and space in front of that at the side of the house, so we decided to extend into that space. It's taken well over a year, but this month the work actually started! Hopefully in a couple more months, we'll have most of it all done, inside and out, and we can start enjoying swinging those cats.
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