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Bearly hanging on

February - Tim Blair

A toy bear sliding down a makeshift zip-line with the ruins of a medieval castle, with a small boy in the foreground watching the descent after having released his bear, and the surrounding fields stretching into the background.
We all took the chance to take a break over half term and escape to the coast with some friends. One of the things we did to keep the kids busy, and to get ourselves out and doing something, was to visit Corfe Castle, the ruins of a medieval stronghold towering over a village of the same name.

Plusses for this trip: it was only 15 minutes away, it's National Trust (so we could get in free with our cards), and they had a teddy bear zip line!

So despite the not-so-nice weather, we had a (short) picnic, and watched the bears descend in their harnesses from the tops of the castle, before decanting ourselves to a nearby pub.
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