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Stripes in the sky

January - Kat

Bare trees with stripes of blue and pink in the sky
I don't think I've ever walked so much in January! The resolution to walk more came on the back of a Christmas shopping trip in late December. I discovered, to my horror, that after weeks of resting my Achilles tendons, my whole body had weakened and walking felt like an effort! So I resolved to walk as often as possible (and take up daily pilates). The result of all this, besides improved strength and wellbeing, is a rather large collection of winter sunset pictures. Which for me is a new thing, I normally hunker down inside in the winter months. This picture shows a phenomenon that probably most outdoorsy people have seen often but for me was new: horizontal stripes of blue, then pink, fading back to blue. I saw a lot of that in January on clear days and I guess it must be a winter thing? Or maybe a January thing? I'm fairly sure I haven't seen these particular shades of pink and blue in summer and I was so glad to witness it, it was magical.
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