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Year of the Ox

O what a show!

December - Sue

An amazing show of Christian faith - a house covered in white lights, which isn’t that unusual at this time of year, but next to the house on the drive was erected a lifesize depiction of the Nativity Scene complete with animals, all lit up and standing in an open tent. A really encouraging sight in this politically correct day and age where the word Christmas is replaced by time of Festivity! This is for those brave souls throughout the world persecuted for their faith! Hope you’ve had a good Christmas!
We came upon this spectacular show and just had to take a photo! What a wonderful witness in this politically correct day and age when the words ‘Christmas time’ are replaced by ‘time of festivities' and persecution of Christians is rife throughout the world. This is for those poor people who are so courageous and remain strong in faith regardless... Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas!
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