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The Great Hall

October - Tim Blair

The set of the Hogwarts Great Hall from the Harry Potter Series of films, looking back from the teachers' table, with one long table against each side wall, staged ready for a Hallowe'en feast, with dozens of pumpkins suspended from the ceiling.
I love the Harry Potter books, and thoroughly enjoy the films, and now I'm getting to re-love them all again with my son.

We took a trip to the Warner Bros. studio tour, where they have recreated so many of the actual sets used for the films, as well as thousands of props, costumes, and other bits and pieces. It was incredible seeing the detail and thought that went into the creation of this world. There was so much effort put into things that you'd never notice in the films, things seen only briefly once and in the background, but every bit of it helped create the magic of the world depicted in the films.

We spent 5 hours there, and could easily have been there double that. Highly recommended, whether you love the HP series, or are just interested in the effort that goes into making films like these.
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