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Year of the Ox

Bird’s eye view!

July - Sue

The back garden of our new home overlooks a field and valley. This week we were treated to a bird’s eye view  of the farmer pulling this amazing machine behind his tractor which had two circular horizontal wheels which cut the grass and separated it into neat rows. Two days later another machine was used to suck up the grass, chop it into bits and spew it back out into the bucket of the truck, to be used for silage. This week was not so good - the waft coming our way told us it was muck spreading time, so windows and doors kept firmly shut! Ugh!!!
We recently moved to rural Wales and our back garden overlooks a field and a valley. We were treated to this sight recently when the farmer up the road cut the grass. This amazing machine behind the tractor not only cut the grass but set it out in rows. Two days later he used another machine which sucked up the grass, chopped it into bits, spewed it back into the bucket of the truck to take back for silage. Fascinating and entertaining! This week - not so good as the waft from the field told us it was muck spreading time! UGH!! Windows and doors firmly closed!
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