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Year of the Ox

Castle Skull

March - Sue

A wine bottle painted black and decorated Gothic style with a dark and daunting castle, made more eerie in the light of a bright moon complete with flying bats, dragons approaching the castle, dark clouds hanging over, and a snake entwined around the neck of the bottle. A dark rusty old gate features on the back, over which hangs an elaborate sign with the name Castle Skull on it. I used mainly air dried clay except for the clouds which are paper cut outs. Not bad for my first attempt, I think!
This is my first attempt at decorating a bottle, Gothic style, complete with bats, dragons and snake. On the sides I have put some trees and parts of castle wall. On the back a daunting rusty gate over which hangs an elaborate sign with the name on. I have used air dried clay mainly and cut out the clouds of paper. This has been my project this month - which has kept me sane!!!
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