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One Disconcerting Word

February - James Collie

A jar of Sainsbury's mayonnaise in black and white.
Here is my existential condiment crisis. If this is "real" mayonnaise, what does that mean for all the other mayonnaise jars out there that do not claim to be "real"? What does it mean about all the Sainsbury's mayo I purchased prior to the rebrand? Where else am I seeing the word "real" where it is falsely applied to claim superiority?

You might think this rather random rambling about mayonnaise means I am a snob about home brands, or have somewhat lost trust in Sainsbury's. For me it's more just disconcerting to think of the very flimsy oneupmanship that must generally go on in marketing and how cheaply a word such as "real" can be applied.

In all honesty, this nonsense waffle of mine is all talk. I purchased a jar and am making my way through it with a swagger, knowing I can saved £1.60 per jar whilst barely telling the difference between it and Hellmann's. Hopefully the world will become a safe enough place that I can capture and share more interesting things in future.
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