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Year of the Rat

The beauty of nature!

November - Sue

Upon looking out one day i spotted an amazingly beautiful sight! The clouds were Cirrocumulus  in what is called a Mackerel Sky, wispy cotton wool balls stacked up forming a huge mound in a bright blue sky forecasting cold weather to come. What a picture - it lifted my spirits on dreary November day in these Covid times.
I was looking out the patio doors one day when I was blown away at the sight of the sky. I had never seen clouds like this before now. They were so wispy, fine and regular, an explosion of loveliness. Apparently they are called Cirrocumulus clouds and forecast cold weather to come. They look like scales, all stacked up like that and sometimes tiny, hence the name of ‘Mackerel Sky’. The photo doesn't do them justice! This sight lifted my spirits on a dreary November day in these Covid times.
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