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August - Tom

view between two high rise blocks of flats on a grey misty day
This month saw the end of my life living on London City Island. After nearly four years of partially living in London I've moved out and I'm a West Country boy again. We packed my life into a car over two trips and now I'm the proud owner of far too much cutlery. It was weird and quite saddening seeing the place empty again after so many years of it being my second home. Stuck in the middle of a global pandemic wasn't quite what I expected for the end of my tenancy.

This is one of my favourite views of the Island. I must have taken this picture a dozen times in different light and weather - standing with my back to my building looking out between these two.

I'm going to miss living there, but I'm not going to miss the massive commutes and living in two places.

From Flickr.
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