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Lundy Ponies

July - Bonnie and Richard

Lundy Ponies
July has been a month of welcomed new landscapes. Our trip to Lundy Island wasn’t cancelled nor our two nights in Lynmouth. A bit of a shock! This was our first time on Lundy so we didn’t know what to expect. It was magical and it was difficult to get Lundy out of our minds when we returned home so we booked four nights for next summer. There were so many photos to choose from. These ponies were just beautiful. The Lundy ponies are a mix of New Forest ponies and a Welsh Mountain roan stallion introduced to the island in 1928. We also saw Sika deer, wild goats, cattle, sheep, seals and puffins!!!! We managed 15 Letter Boxes and hope to do the rest except for the one we will never be able to find on Rat Island next summer. We walked 40 miles on this short break in 5 days. Took a week to recover. Hope you are all well.
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