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Our biggest laugh in June (and we needed one!)

June - Bonnie and Richard

Our biggest laugh in June (and we needed one)!
June has proven to be rather a “drag” for us overall. Yes, a few more openings and restrictions lifted. We had friends over for drinks one hot afternoon and our son just spent a week with us working from Richard’s office. We had a walk with Tom’s parents to Coopers Hill (cheese rolling hill) and we were advised that our holiday to Lundy Island is still happening. So you would think, in retrospect, we should be smiling! However, we along with many others we have spoken to lately, have been feeling rather blue and weary and fed up. Life has become monotonous and this feeling of constraint is wearing very thin. So, in short, not a joyful time in the Green household presently and a good laugh was needed. We found this card unexpectedly in the card box and it made us laugh right out loud so took a photo and emailed to everyone we know! We hope it makes you smile at the very least. PS. It’s an Anniversary Card just in case you didn’t know...
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