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Vegetable Table

May - Bonnie and Richard

Vegetable Table
This month we decided to enter the world of vegetable growing. Our back garden has no room for a plot. So Mr Handy (aka Richard) built this super table which sits in a sunny corner next to Man Cave. Perfect size for two people. Our lettuces are doing really well and the pumpkins have just popped up which will be a problem at some point but we will deal with later. Soon veg mesh was needed so Mr Handy built a frame. I wanted to use the photo of my super VE Day table which sat at the end of the drive with Brownies and Snickerdoodles (google it) for all who walked, biked, drove, ran by (great success) but you wouldn’t have been able to see much hence the Vegetable Table. Hope you are all doing well. Stay safe.
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