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Year of the Rat

A freak of nature or what?

April - Sue

A beautiful orange ladybird with black spots with an amazingly cheeky white face was found sunbathing on a bud of our Peony Bush. She is an Asian ladybird. Have seen a few unusual insects during this lockdown. A real blessing!
Like most folk I have been enjoying the garden a lot and was very surprised to see this little beauty - not a freak of nature but a gorgeous Asian Ladybird with a cheeky little pale face. Found her sunbathing on a Peony bud, one of a few other new insects we had never seen before. I was spoilt for choice for photos this month. There has been a Bee-Fly and also a Sabre Wasp, and a Comma butterfly, all amazing! Spotting these has made our lockdown more fun... lack of pollution and less traffic I believe is bringing them in. Behold my new hobby - Entomology!!!!
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