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Bristol Harbour

November - Pete Fairhurst

Looking along a very still river in the middle of a busy city in late sunrise light
This was shot from the footpath that runs under Temple Bridge in Bristol, England:

"Bristol Harbour covers an area of 70 acres. It has existed since the 13th century but was developed into its current form in the early 19th century by installing lock gates on a tidal stretch of the River Avon in the centre of the city and providing a tidal by-pass for the river. It is often called the Floating Harbour as the water level remains constant and it is not affected by the state of the tide on the river." Wikipedia (Nov '19)

On the right of the picture, you can see the Cheese Lane Shot Tower:

"The original tower was built in 1782, in the Bristol suburb of Redcliffe, by William Watts, who is credited with the invention of the tower process for the manufacture of lead shot. It was the progenitor of many similar towers built around the world, and survived various changes of ownership until it was taken over by the Sheldon Bush and Patent Shot Company Limited in 1868. It continued in use under their ownership until 1968, when it was demolished as part of a road widening scheme." Wikipedia (Nov '19)
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