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October - Tom

waterfall in a cave with path leading behind it, with lady looking into waterfall
We made the interesting choice of going on a walking holiday to Brecon, Wales during the tail-end of a hurricane. Unusually for Wales, it was a bit wet. Fortunately, we were near Dan yr Ogof, the National Showcaves Centre for Wales so we could walk for kilometers underground where the rain could only get to us after it had passed through several tons of rock.

The formations underground were incredible and I, inevitably, took lots of pictures. I think this was my favourite moment. There is something special about walking behind a waterfall, and especially when you're underground. The path here actually leads behind then between two cascades of water, accompanied by an incredible roaring noise.

It is possible to get married in this cave. I'd imagine that is spectacular, although bridal dresses aren't usually known for their waterproof characteristics.

From Flickr.
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