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March - Sue

The lovely ancient castle of Kidwelly in Kidwelly village in Carmarthenshire sits proudly but slightly hidden with rounde turrets, originally built in earth and wood but in the 13th century rebuilt in stone in the half-moon Norman way.  It has double outer walls for extra protection and a deep moat. Although  the ramparts are virtually worn away it is still an impressive castle dating from 1115 A.D.
On a cold but beautiful day we came upon this castle by chance whilst touring mid-west Wales. It sits slightly hidden in the ancient village of Kidwelly (dating back to 1115 A.D.) in Carmarthenshire and is an unexpected sight but quite impressive for its age. First constructed in earth and wood and later rebuilt in the 13th century in stone in the half-moon Norman way with double outer walls and a deep moat. It looks fairly intact however can’t be sure as we didn’t have time to explore it. Worth a second visit though...
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