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The Grounded Sun

October - Gareth

A bronze sphere, 2 metres in diameter, representing the sun and covered in grafitti.
This defaced sculpture located near the centre of Zagreb, Croatia, is Prizemljeno Sunce or The Grounded Sun - A bronze sphere, 2 metres in diameter, created in 1971 by the artist Ivan Kožarić.

In 2004 another artist, Davor Preis, created 9 accompanying sculptures called 9 Views - each one a scale model of a planet from the solar system - and placed them in the correct position and relative distance away from Kožarić's sun.

The result is consistent model of the solar system and a treasure hunt, with buildings around Zagreb playing host to tiny plaques, on which are mounted small models of the planets. The first couple are a relatively short walk from the centre of town, but to reach the further extremes of the solar system, you may need to catch a bus.

During our trip we found Mercury (smaller than a pea), Venus (about the size of a ball bearing), Earth (near a record shop and not much bigger), Mars (tiny, but attached to a cafe that did very nice brownies) and Uranus (about the size of a ping-pong ball and attached to a nondescript shed miles out of town). Pictures of the full set can be found on the Nine Views Wikipedia page.
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