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Anyone for Beetle Kebab?

July - Sue

On a walk at Ham Wall nature reserve in Somerset I spied a poor common beetle in the middle of a large thistle plant. It had been impaled by a leaf-spike looking like a Beetle Kebab. I bet it hadn’t expected to end its days in such a way! Poor thing! Of all the wildlife we saw on that day the beetle stuck in my mind the most.....A rare sight!
On a walk at Ham Wall nature reserve near Glastonbury, Somerset, I spied this poor beetle impaled by a thistle leaf-spike blowing in the wind whilst it was clambering around. It was a large plant and the leaves were cruelly pointed with sharp spikes. I bet it hadn’t thought it would end it’s days as a kebab! Poor thing! The wildlife was very active that day but the beetle was the one that stuck in my mind the most. A rare sight!!!
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