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March - Kat

daffodils in the snow
Twas one late winter's day when the daffodils popped their heads out of the earth and called out to Winter.

'Hey Winter! Time's up! Spring is coming so you need to start wrapping things up around here!'

'What!? I can't go yet, I've been building up to something big! I haven't even snowed yet!'

'Well, you might have to save that for next year because Spring is coming now, and they’ll be expecting you down under soon. Besides... you can't snow in March!'

'Oh yes I can!'

'Oh no you can't!'

'I can and I will. Watch me. I'm going to snow all over everything!'

And so Winter snowed and snowed and covered everything in cold, fluffy, whiteness. The daffodils sighed.

'Are you done now?'

'That depends - have I made my point?'

'Yes, we believe you have...'

'Then I am done. I will go now, but remember... I can snow any time I want!'

And so winter went and everything was green again... but then winter came storming back!

'...And another thing! No rushing me off next time. It is rude I tell you. Rude!"

A few more snow flurries came and then, just like that, it was all gone again.
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