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Minchinhampton Bonfire

November - Tom

One of my happiest memories from being little was the village bonfire. I loved the great heat, the smoke, the community atmosphere. Then there were the fireworks which I found amazingly beautiful both to the eye and to the ear. It was an evening of extreme contrasts - the lights of the fire and fireworks against the black of night, the bangs of the fireworks against the soft cooing of appreciation from the villagers.

I still love a good bonfire today, although they are harder to come by than fireworks.

This year I took along my camera and attempted to apply all that I learned last month to get some good pictures. I think this one is my favourite, but you can judge for yourself if you like - my other pictures are in an album on Flickr and I wrote a blog post about my thinking for the pictures.

From Flickr.
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