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May - Tom

empty cinema
Far from the best photo I have taken this month, but it's not every day someone unearths a 500lb World War 2 bomb less than 300m from your home. Thankfully. The entire area was evacuated while the bomb disposal folk from the army did their thing and I hid in the cinema, watching the explosions in Civil War and expecting them to be done by the time Captain America had finished punching Iron Man. Unfortunately, due to complications caused by the bomb getting bashed up when falling from an aircraft and landing in an awkward way they spent the next 24 hours building a sand castle around it before sticking it on a truck and giving it a tour of Bath on the way to final disposal somewhere more expendable. I am fortunate to have good friends who don't mind being interrupted in the middle of the night and have a sofa bed, so I managed to avoid the temporary refugee camp set up for the newly-homeless.

Things I learned, should I ever have to evacuate part of a city while some German engineering is removed:
  • issue the full evacuation notice before people would normally go to bed - midnight is not a good time for people to start phoning their friends to call in favours
  • instruct the police on the cordon to provide more information than "they've found a bomb"...
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